Selling Hashish in VIETNAM . Chapter 13 - Lost

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Female labor was cheap in Singapore in 1973. For the lowest level job they were paid S$330/- a month. This was pretty good munny when coca cola cost 15 cents a bottle and a bowl of “Mee Rebus”, a full meal, was 30 cents. 

I had many girl friends. Law of Nature was taking its course. 

I got into the rhythm of life in Singapore. 

AXARA, Jim, Janet, Janice, Vietnam, became memories. 

Janet and Janice, who had gone off to Penang, never called. There was no way I could contact them. 

Almost a year passed. Maybe slightly less, maybe slightly more, I cannot remember. 

I went to Tanjong Rhu with a friend. I said lets go to RSYC for a drink. We went. 

A few drinks. I remembered the time I had spent here with Jim and the AXARA crew, and also remembered the entries made by Jim in the Log Book / Register of the club for boats mooring there. 

I flipped the pages looking for the AXARA. I found the page. 

Jim had written: 

Expected date of arrival in Colombo: 15 November 1973. 

It was around Sept. or Oct. 1974. Almost a year since Jim had sailed the AXARA from Singapore. 

I looked at the ‘REMARKS’ column. Apparently the AXARA never made it. 

Dated 15.May.1974, there was an official entry: