How to cap govt. expenditure on salaries & allowances without cutting expenses

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Reading about the flying cabinet [India Today Feb.18, 2008] gave me the above idea. 

Though I am not 100% sure, I believe such a system is in operation in Singapore. 

The system I envisage is as follows: Add up all actual expenses under the following heads. 

Minister’s salary in exact number of Rupees + Cost of providing him living accommodation in exact number of Rupees + Cost of providing him transport in exact number of Rupees + Cost of whatever number of free phones & phone calls he is allowed in exact number of Rupees + Cost of free electricity provided + Cost of travel of wife / companion / support staff etc. in exact number of Rupees + US$ 100,000/- (one Lakh) or any other FiXED FiGURE to be fixed by a committee of three Constitutional Authorities==CEC + CJi + CA, in exact number of Rupees + Cost of anything and everything that might be part of ministerial expenses excluding medical expenses for self, wife & minor children and unmarried daughters, but including security, convoy, etc. etc. 

The idea is that we have to arrive at a FiXED FiGURE of expenses for each category of politician, be it Cabinet minister / deputy minister / minister of state / MP / MLA / MLC and / or every state functionary who lives off the state, be it central, state or UT. 

This FiNAL FiGURE to be vetted by the committee of three above. The figure could 

even be inflated by a substantial amount to account for taxation. This final figure shall be considered that person’s annual income and INCOME TAX on it MUST BE PAiD exactly as you and I pay at the rates applicable to you and me, in the time allowed to the common citizen. Failure to comply MUST attract exactly the same penalty as applicable to you and me. Politicos will of course bend, break, flout, defy and try their best to wiggle out as they always do, but there are / were still people out there like T.N.Seshan, James Michael Lyngdoh and Sangliana, who know how to apply rules. And once rules exist in black and white, there will be someone in this country of over 100 krore people who will apply them and make them work. 

I believe the system in Singapore is something like this: If an Indian minister invites Singapore minister and the Singapore minister feels that he should go to India, there will be costs and expenses. Who will bear it? Either Indian govt. pays for everything == 

Singapore minister’s air travel to and from India, staying, eating, other travel, etc. etc. in India. OR Singapore minister pays all expenses out of his salary, which is a fixed figure as defined above. Singapore govt. pays nothing. Now if Singapore minister feels that his trip to India will be of so much benefit to Singapore, he will (out of his salary) buy the air ticket(s), pay out of his salary for stay in hotel etc. etc. and pay all other expenses out of his salary. This is Patriotism=man is spending his own munny (which he could also spend on wine and women) for the benefit of his cunt ree==Singapore. 


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