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The core equation of life is Einstein’s formula E=mCsquared. 

Here, m=mass==matter==our body, and C==Velocity of light==1,86,000 miles per second==3 X 10 to the power eight meters per second, which is a physically measured quantity expressed in terms of time and distance. That leaves E, which Einstein defines as Energy. 

ENERGY: as taught in Physics in class XII (Physics Text book by Saha & Srivastava), in nature basic energy is manifested in ONLY FIVE forms==Heat, Light, Sound, Magnetism and Electricity. It would be pertinent to note here the significance of Avogadro’s and Berzelius’ hypotheses / postulates / laws, which state that 

  • <1>Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 
  • <2>Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. 

If x grams of Carbon combine with y grams of Oxygen to produce z grams of CO2, (by combustion process) then since matter cannot be created or destroyed, as per <2> above, it should follow that x+y==z. Yet physical measurements have shown that this is not so. Z is always less than x+y, and the correct equality would be x+y==z+e, where ‘e’ is the energy (heat) produced in combustion. 

People who have not studied physics, may tend to view energy as mechanical energy, manifested by physical motion. Indeed, Sir Issac Newton has defined Energy as the capacity of doing work. Energy has the same units as WORK, which is measured in “ergs”. One erg is the amount of work done when the point of operation of a force of ONE DYNE moves ONE cm in the direction of the force. Dyne is defined as the force which acting for one second on a mass of one gram produces a velocity of one cm per second. Similar definitions and mathematical formulae for inter-conversion of one form of energy to another are available. 

Thus above, I have scientifically defined ENERGY. When we die, body motion stops, showing that there is no energy left in the body. When we are alive we eat, and convert the food into energy by which we move. When we die, our body metabolism stops, and conversion of food (and water and air) into energy stops, never to start again. People believe that the so-called soul-spirit leaves the body. This belief in continuation of existence of this formless soul-spirit is what is named spiritualism. 

Coming back to material things again (matter), all creatures reproduce and die, leaving behind their genes in their offspring. So one can infer that life is nothing but continuation of our genes. This is Law of Nature, which governs everything. The specific statement of Law of Nature is: “Every thought, word, deed and act, of every creature, at every moment, is to secure immediate survival so as to make the next natural copulative attempt in order to spread its genes as far and wide as possible, and as far into the foreseeable future as possible. 


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