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Seeing the political drama and axing of some politicos post Mumbai terror, I believe our parliamentary system of govt. cannot deliver on the issues confronting the nation. I saw Mr. Manmohan Singh speak on TV after the attack had begun, and was still on. Then I remembered seeing George Bush on TV almost ten years ago post 9/11. Mr. Manmohan Singh’s speech on TV was no patch on the kind of force and confidence displayed by Mr. Bush during his presidency. For one, Mr. Singh is almost 30 years older than Bush. For another, in our current system, there are too many power centers pulling in too many different directions. The choice of the new CM & Dy. CM for Maharashtra was still decided, even post Mumbai terror not by perceived capability (KPS Gill would have been ideal), but by a trade-off between the Dalit lobby symbol most loyal to the current Delhi Mogul, versus the Maratha Lobby symbol most loyal to the current Maharashtra satrap. People are still motivated more by promises / possibilities / events geographically nearest to their home, caste-wise closest (genetic affinity?) to their own caste, than by what is happening or happens in some faraway corner of this huge varied country. Nobody thinks of India. Because India is divided into 545 vote banks==L0K SABHA HAS 545 MPs. So we do not have one India but 545 different Indias which have 545 different (and sometimes antagonistic) priorities and agendas, which is natural, and when something is natural, there is nothing right or wrong about it. IT IS SO! It is natural=Law of Nature=Period! 

Why? Because Law of Nature [genetic program] is always more operative than any externally implanted Semitic software, whoever be the holder of the SOURCE CODE of that software, Like Bill Gates is supposed to be the only one who holds the source code of MS DOS / Windows. Since 95% of humanity is using Windows, the Windows operating manual becomes today’s holy book and Bill Gates becomes the pomphret. A pomphret is an entity who has made people believe that it alone knows the source code, the source itself being a theory called Semitic belief system=Religion. 

So, as opposed to the 545 mini-Indias being governed how is the combination of these 545 mini-Indias that is the central govt. in Delhi, being governed? 

It is governed by the personal motivations of 272 individuals (as opposed to the motivations of the 55 crore voters of India) who made it to the 545 member Lok-Sabha by pandering to their 15% vote bank out of the total 10-lakh voters in their constituency, be it Pune or Gorakhpur. 

Why 272 individuals? Bkoz every citizen who makes it to the Lok Sabha wants to be PM, and why not? All that is required is to distribute the spoils of electoral victory to 272 individuals==MPs so as to satisfy their personal agendas and greed. If out of the 545 members, I want to be PM, then there are 544 MPs left. Exactly half of 544 is 272, and if I can satisfy the greed of 272 individual humans (the 55 crore voters of India can go to hell), then I gain a simple majority in Lok Sabha. The 272 MPs who I satisfied + myself=273, and remaining 272 in opposition. I still have more than 50% of the 545. So I have majority. So I form the govt. 

The law allows ministry strength of up to 15% of the house strength. So out of 545 Lok Sabha members, 82 members can be made ministers. So out of the 272 required, 82 members have been made ministers & given the opportunity to make milk-able decisions as they wish. That leaves 272—82==190 people still wanting their piece of cake. For them, there is the public sector. Political appointments as chairman of these PSUs is the norm, which gives the incumbent “Gaadi-Bungla-Motor”, staff, security, free phone, free travel, free electricity & etc. etc. everything free. In addition there are various committees such as standing committees / sitting committees / scratching committees / laughing committees / sleeping committees / special commissions and a lot of such mostly useless etceteras which are given to most of these 190 people, which gives them FREE “Gaadi-Bungla-Motor-Bijli-paani-phone-etc.-etc.-etc.” The fact that this is an open allotment of avenues of corruption is confirmed and accepted by the Supreme Court by its Judgement in the JMM bribery case of P.V.Narsimha Rao, where he gave 25 or 50 Lakhs cash to JMM MPs inside Parliament, and Supreme court ruled that money & or favors distributed inside parliament is not corruption . Same is the case in all the state legislatures. So if someone is given a ministry to make munny, it is a favor to get a return favor (=support), just like giving cash. 

So, what is the solution? Solution is a PRESiDENTiAL form of govt. like in France. One-Man-One-Vote. A President directly elected by the 55 crore voters of India without any middlemen like MPs. / MLAs. A president whose vote bank is the whole of India, not just Pune or Gorakhpur! The whole cunt ree is ONE SiNGLE VOTE BANK, from Mizoran / Manipur / Arunachal in the east to Kutch / Rajasthan in the west and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Anybody and everybody can stand for election as president. From Farouk Abdullah in Kashmir to Jayalalitha in Kanyakumari and from Mukut Mukhi in Arunachal, Reishang Keishing / Ibobi Singh in Manipur to Vasundhara or Gehlot in Rajasthan or Modi in Kutch, with Mulayam, Mayawati, Lalu and Nitish thrown in the centre. Even Italian born Sonia is welcome. If people want her, so be it. Such a president will necessarily have to think about India as a whole, not just a small constituency, a district or a state. Such a president will not be a hostage to multiple lobbies. For such a president there is only one lobby, the Indian people, the whole of India. 

All the above named (and un-named) will throw their hat into the ring. Very good. They are welcome. After all it is a democracy and everybody is eligible. Everybody is powerful in his / her own constituency / district / state. No problem. How many votes will Mayawati get from south of Vindhyas or from east of UP? How many votes will Mulayam get other than from the Etawah region of UP? How many votes will Jayalalitha get from outside TN? The list can go on and on. 

Yet if a person such as Ratan Tata or Narayan Murthy were to run for president, they could easily get (say) 10% of the vote of each state, be it Maharashtra, UP, Mizoram or Kerala, because at least 10% of each state is educated and aware and believes in the idea of India. 10% of 55 crore is 5.5 crore, and I do not think any current leader from any state can get 5.5 crore (or even 2.75 crore==5% of India total) votes based on his popularity in his own state. 

Now whether Ratan Tata’s or Narayan Murthy’s vote comes from corporate employees, businessmen, students, intelligentsia, literati, glitterati, cognoscenti or anyone, it is a fact that these gentlemen have a pan-Indian identity far wider and much more acceptable than any Yadav, Singh, Wati or Lata. And when it comes to public presence and public appeal, the two minutes of Ratan Tata that I saw of TV when the 26/11 attacks were on, were far more re-assuring and believable and appealing than the pathetic visages of politicos during the same affair. 

I believe this is the best system for India because India prospered most when there was a very strong centre. Be it Chandragupta Maurya’s grandson Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC or be it Akbar during the 16th century AD. The GDP of Hindustan was highest in the world during the time of Chandragupta Maurya [326 BC], which is why Alexander came here. Then the GDP was highest during the time of Akbar (1556-1605), who officially renounced islam and banned haj. India was known as “Sonay-ki-chidiya”, which is why the British first came here in 1612 (exactly 400 years ago). Sir Thomas Rowe was the first British ambassador to India during the reign of Emperor Jehangir, and established a factory at Surat. What I am trying to say is that India was prosperous whenever there was a very strong centre, whether it was the Mauryas, Guptas or Akbar. 

Since the Jan Lok Pal Bill as envisaged by Civil Society wants PM, Judiciary, MPs, ministers = everyone to come under it, the Lok Pal will be like a super power, exercising its power over the whole of India, doesn’t it boil down to Presidential form of govt.? 

Switzerland has the most democratic form of government. Whenever a question of national importance crops up in Switzerland, they hold a referendum. Referendum means every citizen goes to the election booth and votes either “YES” or “NO” to the question posed, based on his or her OWN personal preference or agenda, NOT on the personal preference or agenda of some MP or group of MPs (==Lobby) or even Parliament. 

When there was a public clamor against islam and Islamik symbols in Switzerland, they held a referendum. Majority people voted that there should be no minarets in Switzerland. So today no more islamik minarets are allowed to be built in Switzerland, which means no more mosques, which means no more islam! Finally Switzerland seems to be getting rid of this problem. 

Instead of five members of govt. and five members of Civil Society forming the Lok Pal Bill drafting panel, Let us have ten members elected by REFERENDUM directly elected by the whole nation. Anybody can contest. Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, Lalu, Mulayam, Sonia, Poptlal, Santa Singh, Banta Singh, Manmohan Singh,Jaya, Maya, Sheila, Nitish, Modi, Amitabh, Salman, Amir, Hrithik, Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare ! Absolutely anybody and everybody is welcome. 

People may say our constitution envisages a parliamentary system of democracy, not presidential like US or France. I say what is constitution if it becomes constipation? Change it! Remember the constitution is made to serve us. It is not some holey buuk that dropped out of some holey pomphret’s ass hole like Windows dropped out of Bill Gates! But then, remember even Windows keeps on changing and adapting / adopting: From Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 & 98, and Xpro to Windows7 and so on. Change is Law of Nature. 

People may say that how can we allow people like Santa Singh, Banta Singh and Popatlal, who have no standard and no standing to stand? Answer is: You get elected, the standard and standing automatically comes. Only a donkey can become a leader of donkeys. A Lion can kill & eat a donkey, but Lion cannot become a leader of donkeys. A leader of donkeys MUST look like a donkey, speak like a donkey, think like a donkey and be apparently more donkey than other donkeys. This is what Gandhi baba learnt when he came back to India to do Kranti against British after being kicked out of first class compartment of train in South Africa 100 years ago, even though he had paid full munny and bought first class tiket. 

To start with, Gandhi baba (whose parents were quite rich) went to England on baap-ka-kharcha to study Law. After finishing Law studies, he went to South Africa to practice Law and make munny. And sure he made munny,that is why he could afford to travel first class in South Africa! 

Gandhi baba first tried to do kranti against British in South Africa itself. But it did not work, bkoz the majority in south afrika was black (=kaala) and the rulers were white (=gora). But Indians were neither kaala nor gora, Indians were bhoora==brown. So even though Gandhi baba met with some success in south afrika, THE NUMBERs WERE NOT ENOUGH to cause any pain to the white rulers there. And THE NUMBERs WERE NOT ENOUGH because the majority people in South Africa are of BLACK NEGROiD RACE, and would NOT follow the leadership of Gandhi baba who was of BROWN CAUCASOID RACE, a different breed and a different creed. As you see in National Geographic and Animal Planet, Zebras, deer and Gnu can graze side by side and live together, but the leader of Zebras can only be a Zebra, leader of deer can only be a deer and leader of Gnus can only be a Gnu. That is Law of Nature. 

When Gandhi baba came in Bombay (Mumbai) @ 100 years ago to do kranti against British, he first started writing and addressing the public, wearing 3-piece suit and speaking to (financially & educationally) the same CLASS of people to which he belonged==London Returned! Same problem as in south afrika= THE NUMBERs WERE NOT ENOUGH! 

Why? Gandhi baba dinn0. So he went to his guru=Gopal Krishna Gokhale, who tolded him: This is a cunt ree of bhookha nunga people, who have no clothes to wear except a langoti. If you want numbers, YOU MUST LOOK LiKE THEM. So Gandhi baba removed his 3-piece suit and started wearing langoti / Lungi / Dhoti and became what he became. 

So let us have a REFERENDUM to elect civil society members. 



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