Chetan Bhagat is wrong

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Chetan Bhagat is wrong. He says, "we are people, not programmed devices". 

I say: "We ARE born programmed devices, NOT people. There are TWO systems 0perating within us which are 0perative and often are in conflict. 

0f these two, the PRiMARY system is the embedded Genetic Program (46Chromosomes) within all of us, inklooding you, me, your fadder, my fadder, kokroach, spider, lion, tiger.....every living and reproducing species, which is the Law of Nature. 

  • 1>>Embedded Genetic Program==LAW OF NATURE is: 

Every thought , word, deed and act, 

0f every creature, 

At every moment, 

is directed towards 



So as to spread your genes as far and wide as possible (bio-diversity), 

And to ensure that they 


as far into the FORESEEABLE future as possible. 

  • 2>>All kreechurrs (=creatures) are born with their unique genetic program which is a program as stated above. The objective of this program is: CUNT IN YOU A SHUN (=continuation) OF THE SPECiES. 

AFTER BiRTH, externally implanted software tries to take over. Externally implanted softwares are: name; religion; customs; loyalty; honesty; society; social behavior codes; norms; language(s); community; district; state; nation....etc....etc. 

Of the above named softwares, the most destructive is pomphret based religion. 

It is assumed / propagated / shouted / trumpeted / repeated / made to believe / believed etc. that up in the sky there is an imaginary entity (named gwadda, illa, bogban etc. etc.) out of whose ass hole fell pomphrets (pomphret is a kind of fuckkin fish) who koochie-koos with gwaddas, illas, bogbans etc. thru a SOURCE CODE known only to this single pomphret (fish). This pomphret fish pronounces certain impossible, unprovable lines of lies which becomes the 0perating Manual for the followers of this fishy lies. 

And those who folo this bullshit are called people, as defined by Chetan Bhagat. 


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