Coup in Maldives: What Indira Gandhi would have done.

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Indira Gandhi would have dispatched a battle ready INS Mysore class Cruiser (8500 Tons displacement), with 3inch bore guns in twin turrets fore and aft (aagay & peechhay), and an array of the legendary 40mm BOFORs ack-ack guns on board; on a ROUTiNE friendly visit to Male, capital of Maldives, which has been a regular feature between Indian Navy and Maldives since many years. The fact that this “friendly visit” happened in as much time as it takes for INS Mysore to sail from Thiruvananthapuram (nee Trivandrum) to Male, a distance of 530 km which the Mysore class ship traveling at 16 Knots (25 kmph) could cover in 24 hours. 

Indira Gandhi would have been in Maldives, in the form of a Senior Navy 0fficer, rank of Rear AdmiraL (not higher or lower – for strategic reasons), on board INS Mysore. Both Waheed and Naheed would have signed on the dotted line drawn by her, and the matter would have been settled. And Mr. Robert Blake, U. S. Asst. Secretary of State (Asst. foreign minister of US) would have been in Delhi, not in Maldives. This is exactly what she did 40 years ago in the form of Paki Lt. Gen. A. A. K. Niazi surrendering to our Lt. Gen. Harbaksh Singh in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I think it was 16th December 1971. 

Whether you like it or not, INDiRA GANDHi TooK DECiSiONs! After Bangladesh, she ‘did’ Sikkim, and today Sikkim state has a very stable govt. and is making very good progress. Then Indira Gandhi ‘did’ Bhindranwale, for which she paid with her life. Whatever it is, INDiRA GANDHi TooK DECiSiONs! 

With reports of Maldivians getting terrorist training in camps in Pakidtan and joining El-Kyda, Indira Gandhi would have never allowed another terrorist country on our fringe. But what are our today’s leaders doing? 

They are stuck in a MAYA JaaL, spun by the Goddess of MAYA, that is Mayawati. Everybody in Delhi is looking east and Rahul is doing “MEETHi – MEETHi (Amethi-Amethi) BaaTEN with UP Voters, while just outside my house, at 11:30 a.m. on Monday 13.Feb.2012 while I am writing this, there is some candidate’s loudspeaker blaring for the Pune Municipal Erections on coming Thursday 16th. Is anyone thinking about what is happening next to our asshole? 

Our foreign minister S. M. Krishna was / is in Beijing, China. Our defense minister is fighting a court battle with his own General on the issue of “KiTNi UMAR THi? As Gabbar Singh would say. The UPA Chairperson (Sonia) and her clan are in UP because of MAYA JaaL. Manmohan is like a bechara aadmi. 

Or is our sleeping govt. waiting for the Chinese to take over Maldives like they took Aksai Chin in 1962? 

My prediction is that a Chinese warship will arrive in Male (Maldives) within the week. 

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