How Dilip Bam got into XLRI

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Most males on facebook have written: Interested in==WOMEN. Verri honest Verri GuoOo0uDdDD. Very healthy and environment friendly. 

The following story was told to me by Prof. B.R.DEY, who was my Prof at XLRi when I was studying there 1971-73. The following conversation happened in the staff-room of Indian Institute of Modern Management (IIMM) in the old campus of IIMM at Vishrantwadi, Pune, India, in 2001. Ten years ago. 

One day I had just come back home at 18:30 pm from a three-day TREK, and had class at IIMM at 19:00 pm, NiNE km away. If I had to shave, bath etc., and dress in proper formal clothes, I would get late for class in IIMM. So I came for class in trekking dress. Trekking dress is very dirty and junglee, but I do not care bkoz being punctual on time is more important than dressing well. I reached campus and was ten minutes early, so I went to STAFF ROOM where you can get FREE tea in staff room, so I went there. 

Many Profs were sitting there. The boy brought tea and biscuits. One of the senior Profs (I think it was Prof. Rama Shastry) said to me: "This is an MBA institute. How can you come here dressed so dirty?" 

Before I could answer, Prof B.R.Dey who was also sitting there said, "I know this fellow since 30 years. Even in kolej he was like this 0nly. 

Exactly 40 years ago (1971), when I was trying for admission in XLRi, I was interviewed by a panel of three: One was Prof. B.R.Dey (Masters degree in Statistics==M.Statt. from Univ. of Calcutta==Kolkata). Sekond was Father J.M.Kennedy (gora padri from USA and Ph.D. from Harvard (now dead). Third was Father Tome (also gora padri from USA and Ph.D. from Harvard also now dead). 

In the XLRI admission interview in 1971, Prof BRDey (still alive today as on Ides of March, 2011) who Lives in Pune in VimanNagar on Ahmednagar Road) asked me in 1971, 40 years ago, "What do you do in your spare time?" 

I replied, "I CHASE WOMEN". 

At that time (in 2001) I did not remember this had happened in 1971 in my XLRI admission interview but, Prof. B.R.Dey remembered, even though he is older than me. He has very guud mammary (==memory). Then he told about the FiNAL MERiT LiST. 

That time in 1971, when Father Kennedy, Father Tome & Prof BRDey sat down to make final merit list, each Prof would show his evaluation sheet for each candidate. Prof BRDey had given me ZERO (because I had said "I chase women"), but the two udder gora padris had given me high marks. (This happened in 1971=40 years ago in Jamshedpur, and Prof. BRDey is telling this story 30 years later, in 2001 in SBS Vishrantwadi, Pune, campus). 

So Father Kennedy asked him, "Why did you give him Zero?" Prof B.R.Dey replied, "He said he is chasing women? How can he say this? 

So Father Kennedy said: "At age 24 do you expect boys to read Bible? This boy is honest. We must admit him." So I got into XLRi in 1971. 

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