Dilip Bam sued for Rs.100 crore for Defamation by Two-Wheeler Company.

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The 0ctober 1997 issue of Auto India magazine carried Road Test by Dilip Bam, of a bike named Hero WiNNER, under the title of “WiNSOME LOSE SOME”. 

At that time (1997) Auto India was the most leading auto magazine of its time which sold more than 0ne-Lakh-Ten-Thousand copies a month. Before Auto India DilipBam was Road Test Editor of Car&Bike International magazine for six years since 1987. He moved to Auto India in 1993 & had been testing bikes for Auto India magazine since four years. I believe my report was technically very accurate, as you can see my handwritten notes of that time, but my use of words & social language and analogies was a trite funny, even hilarious, as you can see from the sentences quoted in the Legal Notice. 

The company was/is Hero Motors (as distinct from Hero Honda), yet I might say it is the same group, whose mother company is Hero Cycles. As you can read from the legal notice from Advocates K.R.Chawla & Co., in addition to 0ne Hundred Crore Rupees they have threatened Criminal action, which means Jail. 

In response to this legal notice, on 17 Dec. 1997, Dilip Bam wrote a technical response, which you can read in his own 

handwriting. On the basis of my handwritten note, 0ur Lawyers, sent their lawyers a response, which you can read as a typed document. 

NOW TODAY IS 26 June 2011, almost 14 years have passed. FiNALLY WHAT HAPPENED? 

NOTHiNG ! The matter died. It never went to court. 

Why ? 

DilipBam believes there could be two reasons: 0ne could be that the technical points made by Dilip Bam are too solid to be challenged. Second could be that there is probably a rule wherein, if you sue somebody claiming defamation & loss of reputation worth 100 crore, then you have to deposit 20% of that==20 crore, in court (at zero interest) to show that you are actually as big as 100 crore, which at today’s prices would be like 10,000/- crore. 

Knowing our system and corruption, which sensible businessman will lock up the equivalent of today’s TWO THOUSAND CRORES in court for years? 

Either way, Dilip Bam is still alive and functioning. The case vanished. Nothing happened.

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