Selling Hashish in VIETNAM. Chapter.14 - 2011

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This is the age of Facebook. 

Everybody exists on FB. 

I cannot connect Janet and Janice because I only know their first name. They were supposed to contact me from Penang but they didn’t. They never did. I have searched all Janets and all Janices on FB, but forty years down the line I am not sure if they are the same. There are photos, but they are not of the Venus females I was fucking on the AXARA almost 40 years ago and I cannot recognize the current photos of the hundreds of Janets and Janices that are on FB. Janet and Janice must be in their sixties now…if they are alive. I cannot recognize. My eyes are weak. My brain is weak. Time has passed. 

Law of Nature. 

Just for the heck of it I also checked Jim Taylor on FB even though he never made it to Colombo. He could have changed his course. Maybe he skipped Colombo. But wherever he would have made landfall, he would have surely sent message to RSYC. There are thousands of Jim Taylors. 

But none of them is the Jim Taylor who sold 



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