Selling Hashish in VIETNAM. Chapter 10 - Finally

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I had plans to immediately take a train to my sister’s place in Kota Bharu after the AXARA had departed, since I had very little munny left. But the largesse of $1000/- which Jim gave me reduced the urgency of my departure. 

The girls seemed to be making plans to go to Penang. They had heard that the action at Batu Ferringhi was great. So had I. I could have also gone with them, now that I had the $1000/-. 

I made a call to my sister. 

In Singapore and Malaysia, unlike India in 1973, telephones actually worked. One could just go to a public phone and dial any number in Singapore or Malaysia and the call would go through immediately. 

I had not been in contact with my sister since I had taken the flight from Calcutta, now Kolkata, over a month ago. I briefly told her what had happened. She could not wait to hear the full story. She said to come immediately. 

I spoke to the girls. They said they were taking a train to Butterworth, from where they would take the ferry to Penang. There was no bridge to Penang at that time. 

We went to the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malayan Railway) Singapore station and booked our respective tickets for tomorrow. Different trains: Mine going to the east coast, theirs to the west coast. The departures were just a couple of hours apart. 

My train was to leave earlier, was already on the platform when we reached the station. Me, and the girls had come in one cab to save on transport cost. I got into the train and found my seat. We said goodbyes. I gave them my sisters address and phone number in Kota Bharu. That was my only contact in this part of the world. They said they’d call as soon as they find a place in Penang.


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