Selling Hashish in VIETNAM. Chapter 8 - Paradise Atoll

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In less than 20 minutes we sighted the atoll. The binocular pirate who seemed to have been here before, was at the wheel and maneuvered the boat pretty close to the waterline. Jim deftly brought the AXARA alongside. Both boats dropped anchor. Both boats were so close to the shoreline that we could easily wade to the shore, though we would get wet, which was no problem and even welcome because everybody was going to get fucked dry, and wet bodies take longer to go dry, fucked or unfucked ! Clothes getting wet was not an issue since nobody was wearing much clothes anyway ! We were in the tropics where wearing clothes is optional, not essential. 

The evening was getting darker. Dusk falls pretty fast in the tropics. The pirates had two torches (flashlight) between them and Jim had the one from the AXARA. Enough light to get by. We would probably light a bonfire and orgy around it. 

Even though we could not understand each other’s language, the lack of conversation between us and the pirates was not a problem. The essentials were communicated through SohMui, the English speaking Chinese girl. The rest was all pre-decided action: Fucking, every which way, a universal act which needs no language. The eternal truth. 

Anchors secure, led by the binocular pirate we got into the water one by one via the ladder: the four pirate women, Janet, Janice, Jim and me. The other two pirates collected some stuff and put it in a rubber dingy which was there on their boat and push-waded it ashore behind us. 0bviously there were things in the dingy which should not get wet: The torches (flashlight) maybe? Food? Maybe, but I hadn’t seen any. I was busy repairing the engine. 

We waded on to the beach. It was pretty warm and not yet dark, though there were clouds. 

The dingy contained some cotton sheets, some dry clothes, some cooked, ready-to-eat Chinese noodles in plastic bags and some of our canned food. It also contained bowls, spoons and chopsticks. 

It was almost dark. We spread the sheets on the sand in two rows and put the food between them. We decided to eat first. Fucking on an empty stomach is not advised by doctors. Though the ‘Lean and Hungry’ look is very inviting, actually being hungry reduces sex drive. We decided to eat the cooked food first. We finished it in ten minutes and washed our hands in the sea. 

The clouds parted and the moon shone. The clouds parting for our benefit, was divine, like the Red Sea parting for Moses. Now there was no immediate need to waste time lighting a fire. We could start fucking immediately. 

I made for the busty Malay woman. The binocular pirate raised his right hand and Soh Mui the Chinese woman spoke. “Would you like to try some of this first? It really enhances pleasure and you can go on for a long time without CUM-ing”. The binocular pirate brought up his left hand which was holding a pouch. 

I went to him. He opened the pouch and brought out a clay pipe and a small brick of Hashish. There were also dry match boxes and a couple of lighters. This was fantastic. 

We smoked all night long and fucked all night long in the moonlight. This is one orgy I can never forget. 

Two Caucasian females – Janet & Janice, 0ne Caucasian male - Jim, 0ne Caucasoid male – Me, three Semi-Mongoloid Malay males & three Semi-Mongoloid Malay females, and 0ne pure Mongoloid Chinese female. 

What fantastic bio-diversity! Even today, in a wired Internet world, awash with pornography of every hue, I have not seen such biodiversity! But the human race would not benefit, because there would be no pregnancy. 

Before we started getting touchy-feely, Soh Mui brought out a packet. 

No riding without a helmet. No entry without protection. 

She brought out a packet of Condoms. 

The game began. Everybody was doing everything with everybody. No holds barred and no holes barred either. Slowly the action slackened and gradually everybody fell asleep.


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