Jaisalmer travelogue Fact File : March 2003

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Driving distances 

Jaipur to Pilani==260 km. Excellent roads except those passing thru towns without bye-pass roads. 

PILANI=Stay at CEERI guest house. Excellent stay. Many peacocks. Alternative stay at BITS guest house. 

Jaan-pehchaan required. Private hotels (from Rs.200/-) and dharamshalas (Rs.50/-) available. 

PILANI=Main attraction is BITS Campus, Science Museum with working models in wonderful. If you have young kids, it is a MUST SEE thing. Birla Mandir in BITS campus is also must see. Many peacocks. 

Pliani to NH 11 junction thru Fatehpur==95 km. Mostly single lane. Good surface. Passing thru towns is a pain. 

NH 11 junction to Bikaner==170 km. Excellent road. 

BIKANER=stay at decent private hotels. Range from 300/- per day to 1000/- per day. Avoid RTDC and other sarkari accommodations. Waiters behave like IAS officers and receptionist is non-existent. In fact, the concept of reception is non-existent. 

BIKANER attractions=Junagadh fort, Museum. Also Karni Mata Mandir at Deshnoke (32 km from Bikaner). This is the temple of a million rats. Unique in the world. 

Bikaner to Jaisalmer==330 kms. XLNT road. The best in the country. Desolate scenery. Very high speeds possible. 

JAISALMER=stay in domestic type hotels and converted havelis in the fort itself. Rooms (toilet not attached) from Rs.60/- per day. Rooms with panoramic views and attached toilets Rs.300 to 500/- per day. Avoid sarkari accommodations. 

Jaisalmer to Jodhpur==288 km. Very good road, but not as good as Bikaner-Jaisalmer road. 

STAY=If you do not have females with you and are not hung up on air-conditioning and running hot and cold water etc. and do not mind sleeping outdoors, sleeping at dhabas is highly recommended. Eating at dhabas is even more highly recommended, even if you have females with you. 

JODHPUR attractions==Mehrangarh fort, Jaswant Thada, Umed Bhavan. 

In rural areas, be careful at junctions, roundabouts and crossings. There is no concept of keep left or any such traffic rule. 

Jodhpur to Jaipur==330 km. Road up to Ajmer is OK. Ajmer-Jaipur road had bad surface in 2003. Now road is much improved.

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