Bike accident in Pune on 26.Nov.2006.

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Bike accident in Pune on 26.Nov.2006. (written in 2013==7 Ears later).

I went to Sarovar 0pen air restaurant (I still go there very often) which is beyond Bhugaon about 10 km from Chandni Chowk on the Mulshi road (do you know this road?). This is on the other side==far side of Manas Lake. There were eight young Balaji students on four Pulsars dubble seat. I was single seat on Unikorn. The time was about 01:30 am in the night.

On return time the boys challenged me to race. So we raced. I know the road very well since I go there almost every day. I know every curve and every pothole / gaddha. They were all dubble seat and new to the road. I was testing new Unikorn. So I easily was much ahead of them - may be 150-200 meters. At the last curve near Vanashree Garden restaurant, [at that time over six years ago there was no toll booth and no speed breakers] at a speed of @ 115, I banged into one Hero Honda Splendor dubble seat who were riding quite carefully in the same direction as me. Apparently I had fallen asleep on the moving bike.

Both bikes fell. I was wearing Helmet so my head was OK, but I had injuries on elbow, knee and ribs. I was lying on the ground next to my fallen Unikorn.

The guys I had banged were also fallen on the ground. There was another Splendor ridden by two people who were the friends of the fallen bike guys. They stopped. One guy went to see his fallen friends and the other came to me. He says, "Madarch....! We are going carefully and you simply come from behind in the same direction and bang? WTF? Are you drunk?"

And like a stoopid idiot I said YES.

So he gave me one kick in my ribs as I was on the ground. Meanwhile the Balajians caught up, and when they saw me being kicked, they joined the fight. Now there were eight young Balajians and only two villagers. The villagers lost the fight and ran away. But before running they took the key of one of the four SBS Pulsars and ran to the Polis chowky just 150--200 meters away.

The guy whose Pulsar key was taken away was a guy named Vishal Srivastava from Bhagalpur - BITM I think. As I was trying to stand up, Vishal said, "The cops are coming". I told him to climb up the hill opposite Vanashree and hide in the bushes, while I pushed my bike deep into the bushes on the lower side of the road and hid myself in the bushes. The cops came but could not see anything bkoz they did not look deep enuff. Probably because it was a minor accident, nobody was dead or badly injured. The cops went away.

Then Vishal came down from the hill. My bike headlight was broken but bike was working. So Vishal dropped me at my sister's house very near chandni chowk, hid my bike somewhere and (I thought went back to SBS). From my sister's house I phoned my wife and she came and took me home in her car. I slept at home. The SBS boys must have gone back to Wakad and told others about the accident and fight and Polis.

Next morning I got a call from Vignesh Sir. [Bala Sir knows EVERYTHiNG !]. He told me that he knows about the accident & the fight, and that Bala Sir had told him to ask me whether he should go to the Chandni Chowk Polis Chowky [=CCPC] and "SETTLE" the matter?

Meanwhile, last night, Vishal had not gone back to SBS. He went to CCPC and met the cops and the villagers in the Chowky. He had "SETTLED" the matter and was drinking with the villagers!


So I told Vignesh Sir: You don't get involved yet. If I need your help I will ask for it. You get involved, SBS gets involved, and Polis will ask for bigger munny. Please wait. Vignesh said OK.

Meanwhile Vishal had settled everything and got his bike back. No complaint / no FIR - nothing. Everything OK. Matter settled and closed! Vishal Srivastav was / is brilliant. I believe he is now married, working in Delhi [some kolej].

Do you know why Vishal Srivastava succeeded and is brilliant?

Bkoz Vishal believes that Vishal==WE SHALL! That is the real meaning of his name Vishal!

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