Across the Sahara Desert on Kinetic Honda scooter. Chapter 16

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Epilogue !

The driver with the FOOT-IN-MOUTH disease went back to wherever he came from. One of the four riders who was from Bangalore returned to Bangalore. These are the two gentlemen who beat me up in the hotel in Lagos in Nigeria in January 1992. I have never met them again or heard from them or 0f them. Two of the KiHo riders and the French interpreter grew up and got jobs in Do Buy (=Dubai) or somewhere in the gulf. I have not met them for 20 years since there is a wide gulf (Persian / Arabian) between DoBuy (Dubai) and Hindustan.

Our recorded visuals and audi0s, which were recorded in the Camera which Honda had given us, must still be there somewhere in the head office of Honda in Japan. I am sure that after our fiasco (due to the camera) in the KHML 0ffice in Neeta Towers in Pimpri, Pune in January 1992, Honda people and Kinetic people must have replayed the tapes and seen and heard everything any/every one of us said & did.

Even today, in those tapes, if there is even a single word in my voice against Honda, I am ready to be HANGED in PUBLIC! Provided the person who hangs me is Mr. Shige0 Hirose or Mr. Arun Firodia or Adil Jal Darukhanawala!

Over time, Adil Jal Darukhanawala moved from Car & Bike International magazine and started OVERDRiVE magazine @ 1993 – 1994.

Car & Bike magazine continued for some time with Bombay based publisher Suresh Nair running it in fits and starts gasping for air. It finally closed down in late ’93 or ’94. The last road test I did for Car & Bike was the TVS Spectra geared scooter, for which I never got paid. The TVS Spectra geared scooter never made the grade and quietly vanished. It was overweight, like more than 50% of USA is.

I moved to Bombay based Auto India magazine Edited by Gautam Sen, who is still editing it. I was with Auto India till 1999, and then moved to Chennai based Motorindia magazine to Delhi based Bike2Car magazine and moved to the Veeresh Malik owned internet magazine cybersteering.com as bikeguru, which got bought over by indiacar.com and I became which closed shop on 31.July.2012.

Today I exist here as myself on www.dilipbam.com which is where you are reading this.

ThanX to the best boss & Editor I ever had: Adil Jal Darukhanwala.

And thanX to Honda Motor Co and Kinetic for giving me the chance to ride across the Sahara Desert!

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