Across the Sahara Desert on Kinetic Honda scooter. Chapter 14

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Beaten up in Lagos!

We were put up in the five star hotel in Lagos which is where the Press Conference was held and President Badmash of Nigeria was Chief Guest. Honda does things in style.

While we were drinking at the party, we got discussing about women within our group of six KiHo Indians. And we spoke of a certain Indian female model who had been a supermodel and been on the cover of VOGUE magazine and other magazines in the US and Europe, and was an international celebrity and sex symbol. We are talking about January 1992, more than 21 years ago. The Aishwaryas / Priyankas and Bipashas were not even born. The internet did not exist.

Apparently, two out of our group of six had some relation with this supermodel. I know this model. I have met her. She is the most Up-Front woman / person I have ever met. She must be at least 65+ now. She had married some top industrialist, who also I know. Me & the rich industrialist husband of this woman are from the same college.

But she was a fucker. As all models have to be. It is the casting couch syndrome. There is no escaping it.

An I.I.T. classmate of mine claims to have fucked her. I said so to my KiHo group. Two of them, who were somehow connected or related to her, apparently did not like my saying so.

The Press Conference ended and we retired to our rooms. It had become dark and night was falling. I went back to my room and tried to sleep.

I get a knock on my door.

I get up and open the door. Two men – part of our Indian KiHo group simply start beating me up. They thrashed me for maybe 90—120 seconds and went away. I was lying on the floor of the room.

I collected myself and went to our team leader’s room and told him. I had many injuries. My head was banged and there was some blood, enough to make a police report.

I also talked to some locals including the hotel staff. Everybody advised me against making a report. They said Nigeria is 100 times more corrupt than India, and once the matter goes to local Nigerian police, we may get stuck in Nigeria for months and our record breaking journey would got to dogs, and the Kinetic Honda name and reputation would suffer.

So in the larger interest of our group, our magazine Car & Bike International, and our sponsors Honda and Kinetic, I did not make any report. The matter rested.

Another two days in Lagos and we flew back to Bombay (Mumbai now) and made our way home to Poona – now Pune.

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