Across the Sahara Desert on Kinetic Honda scooter. Chapter 13

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English speaking again!

Clearing customs and immigration from Republic of Niger into Nigeria was a breeze compared to crossing from Morocco to Algeria. Everybody spoke English. It was almost like coming home, but actually, it was more than that. As we pulled into Nigeria, half a dozen black whores got into our jeep. Two whores hopped on to the pillion of our KiHos, one of which I was driving. There was no stopping them. They were extremely aggressive. The best part was they spoke English.

We checked into a good hotel at Birni-n-Konni, drank like fish, ate like pigs and slept like logs, the border whores notwithstanding. I have never met such aggressive whores. What could we do? We read the Bible! Best thing to do given the circumstances, like I did with Janet & Janice aboard the AXARA in the Gulf of Thigh Land in 1973.

The most dangerous part of our journey was over. The language problem was over since everybody in Nigeria spoke English. The desert had been crossed. There were roads. Now it was for us to ride the last 1200 odd km to Lagos.

Next morning 11th January we started out from Birni’N Konni, halted for the night at a place named Kontagora, about 600 km from Birni’N Konni, where we were met by two Nigerian cops on a motorcycle. We still had another 600 km to cover. We rode from Kontagora towards Lagos (Capital of Nigeria) on 12th January and stopped at ikeja for the night of 12th January. Ikeja is on the outskirts of Lagos. Ikeja to Lagos is just 20 km, and we stopped there so that Honda could make arrangements to welcome us in Lagos the next day.

By the time we were ready to leave from Ikeja, four smart uniformed Nigerian cops on huge Honda 750 cc bikes having flashing lights and sirens, and a police car with red revolving light on its roof arrived to escort us.

We arrived in Lagos on the morning of Monday 13th January 1992. God! What a welcome we got. Champagne bottles were opened. There was a huge crowd at the five star hotel where the entire Nigerian (and some white European) press reporters were present.

 Mr. Sambomatsu was of course there. But the most important person present to welcome us was the GREATEST BADMASH IN THE WORLD==The President of Nigeria at that time! His name:

Ibrahim Badamashi Babangida!

Kinetic Honda had done it. We had done it. I had done it. We had created a WORLD RECORD!

Never before had anybody in the world ridden across the World’s Largest and most dangerous desert on a small wheeled scooter without gears!

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