Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 == MUST READ

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Chetan Bhagat makes superb use of metaphors, alliterations, and excels in word craft. His narration is catchy and flow is racy. I finished the book in one sitting. All this is there is his earlier books also. What makes REVOLUTiON 2020 different is RESEARCH. I am not talking about the research on Bansal and other coaching classes of Kota, some of which Chetan himself might have attended to get into IIT (I am guessing). I am talking about his research on CORRUPTiON! 

First and foremost Anna Hazare should immediately read this book. If ANNA cannot read English, Chetan should personally go to Anna’s Village and read it to him in Hindi. I am willing to go with Chetan – I speak Marathi. Secondly all students (and their parents) aspiring to do, or already doing, any course such as engineering, BBA, MBA etc, should read this book. It very meticulously exposes the murky underbelly of the politico—bureaucrat nexus. It shows the reader, that corruption in India is not just corruption, it is DESiGNER CORRUPTiON! The system is designed for corruption. He shows how UGC, AiCTE, University affiliation, and all other attendant formalities and permissions are managed! And Chetan manages to beautifully elucidate each process flawlessly. He should. He is from one of the top two MBA institutes in India. 

I am myself from IIT from a time before Chetan was born or Bansal came on the scene. I am also MBA from the other of the top two MBA institutes mentioned above which existed before Chetan’s institute was born. Today I am visiting faculty at a dozen MBA institutes in Pune: Being visiting faculty, I am not involved in dealing with the sarkari babus, but from my conversations with directors of the institutes where I teach, I know that every word Chetan has written is true. 

Chetan is a master at narrating boyfriend-girlfriend shenanigans and making things juicy. Though the love triangle between Gopal, Aarti and Raghav is fairly hackneyed, Chetan has handled it with great elan and would keep youngsters with high testosterone levels titillated. Chetan knows his target audience and he targets them very effectively. 

But one thing Chetan has not done: He has given no solution to the designer corruption existing. Maybe I am expecting too much. If ANNA cannot do anything (at least not yet), what can Chetan do? 

The second thing which sounds improbable is the transformation of Gopal in the end. The only other transformation of this kind I know is the conversion of ANGULiMAAL (the dacoit) to a man of peace by The Buddha. 

I don’t see any Buddha in the story. If I was Gopal, I wouldn’t do what he did. Unless the Dalai Lama preached to me.

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