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I think Ph.D. is nothing but a PROCEDURE. All procedures in India were laid down by Lord McCaulay during the rule of East India Company. Lord McCaulay was himself not a Ph.D. My understanding of Ph.D. is that Ph.D. holder has invented/discovered/quantified a hitherto unknown phenomenon. But for Ph.D. you need a guide ! eh? Guide? If you are going to invent / discover / quantify, something which was never done before, or you want to go somewhere where NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE, why do you need a guide? If the guide has himself not been there (of course, by the very definition of Ph.D., he hasn’t), how can he guide someone else to reach there? It is like a goonga telling an andha to teach a langda how to walk! Everybody knows Archimedes Principle. Was Archimedes Ph.D.? Did Archimedes follow any procedure? He only ran naked to the King shouting, "EUREKA ! EUREKA !". Ha ! If I run naked to University, with my helmet in my hand, will I get Ph.D.? We all know Pythagoras Theorem. Was Pythagoras Ph.D.? We all know Gravity. We all know Newtons Laws of Motion. Did Newton have a Ph.D.? No! Then what’s the big deal about Ph.D.?

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