Govt. wants to convert IITs into Popats!

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Don’t mess with IIT excellence: by Chetan Bhaagat (TOi Pune Sunday.3.June.2012). 

Chetan Bhagat is brilliant! He says “If there are thousands on a train platform and only one train, making the doors wider is not going to help the situation. You have to add more trains.” The govt. has done that. They have added IITs in many (dozens?) places in addition to the original IITs. The 0riginal six IITs are Kharagpur, Mumbai, Roorkee, Delhi, Kanpur & Chennai. Sure, with Sarkari money you can get land and make buildings within a year, but where is the faculty? It takes at least 20 years to gain the knowledge and experience to become an effective and knowledgeable faculty. 

But as they say in America: “that is the way the cookie crumbles.”! 

Chetan says Adding 50% weightage to std. XII marks will dilute the brand. I agree with him. Among our politicians and so called leaders how many are from IIT? As far as I know only two: Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar and Manohar Prrikar, Chief Minister of Goa. As IIT Alumni, Can these two worthies kindly express their view on this? I myself am from IIT (1968 pass out), so technically in the same league with Chetan Bhagat, Nitish & Manohar Parrikar and probably senior to all of them. I am 66 years old. 

Both Nitish and Manohar (Goa) belong to the tribe of politicos who are trying to change the IIT entrance system. Their stance is of utmost importance on this issue. WHY ARE THEY NOT SPEAKiNG OUT? 

Already IITs are NOT the top Tech brand in India. I say TOP Tech brand is BiTS Pilani, even though I am myself from IIT. Already, as per a TOI report, the per seat competition for BiTS Pilani is higher than the IITs. So the top aspiration for engineering students is BITS Pilani. I was professor in BITS Pilani for 10 years (1987-96) and I intimately know both BITS and IIT. 

As far as I know, no one in the central govt. (who is making this policy) is from IIT. What right have they got to tamper with excellence? Three IITs, led by IIT Kanpur have refused to toe the line of the ministry. 



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