What is a Jew? Who is a Jew? What is their Origin? Where do they live? Why are they important?

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What is a Jew? Who is a Jew?  What is their Origin? Where do they live? Why are they important?

Jews, follow a religion called Judaism. Judaism is one of the three SEMiTiC religions originating in the middle-east which are: Judaism, Christianity & islam. Judaism is also the oldest of the three SEMiTiC Religions. The basis of all Semitic religions is that they have <1>One prophet <2>One Holy book <3>One defined holy place <4>One system of ordained clergy (clergy / priest / padre / mullah / Pandit). Just like islam follows Mohd, and Christians follow El Krist0 (=Jesus Christ), Jews follow Moses, who lived @ 1400 BCE, which is @ 3400 years ago. In Judaism: <1>the one prophet is Moses; <2>the 0ne holy book is called the Torah; <3>the 0ne particular holy place is the WAiLiNG WALL in Jerusalem; and the 0ne system of ordained clergy are called Rabbi. The pandit of the Parsi people of India is called Dastur, just like the pandit of the Sikhs is called Granthi.

@ 3400 years ago when the Jews lived in Egypt there was famine (=no rain=no food=called akaal in Hindi), Moses led his people out of Egypt towards The Promised Land, which is North of Egypt and today is known as Israel. Since in those days 3400 years ago there was no train, car, bus or aircraft, people had to walk. On the way was the Red Sea. How to cross it? Jews believe that the water of the Red Sea parted (=split), and Moses and his people simply walked across it just like water of the river Yamuna parted (=split) for Vasudev carrying Sri Krishna in basket on his head.

Today the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea are connected by the Suez Canal. As Moses and his followers were walking north from Egypt towards Israel, after crossing the Red Sea they had to pass thru the Sinai Peninsula (see map in Google Earth). In the centre of Sinai is the highest mountain of Sinai which is named as Mount Sinai. Moses and his followers camped at the base of Mount Sinai for some time.

It is believed that GOD was waiting for Moses, and called him to come to the top of Mount Sinai. Moses went up alone and god was there. While Moses was chatting with god, god himself was using hammer and chisel to engrave (=write) THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on a stone tablet.  God gave this tablet to Moses and ordered him and his people to live according to these Ten Commandments.

Today all Jews, as well as Christians, are supposed to obey and follow these Ten Commandments.  There is an excellent movie named THE TEN COMMANDMENTS made in 1956 by Cecil B. DeMille. See it. It is on the net.


<1>The parting of water of the Red Sea is the same as parting of the water of the Yamuna river. Also Moses lived 3400 years ago, which is the same time as Sri Krishna lived in Hindustan. My question: The parting=splitting of water (scientifically impossible) happens at the same time in two different places which are thousands of miles away from each other, at a time 3400 years ago when there was no internet, no telephone, no wireless, no mobile phone, no newspapers or any KNOWN communication between these two places. THiS IS TOO MUCH OF A COiNCiDENCE.

Any explanation / analysis is welcome.

Today, Jews are important because they are one of the richest people in the world. One of the richest being Baron Guy de Rothschild who lives in Switzerland – he owns the richest Swiss Bank. Jews were (used to be) the richest community in USA, but have now been displaced by Indians. There are Jews in India also. You may know some of them: Squadron Leader George Judah, who is the founder-director of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) in Pune is a Jew. Daniel Penkar, who was Vice-Principal of Symbiosis Commerce College in Pune is also a Jew. The Indian Jews are called the Bene Israel, and are supposed to have come to India @ 2000 years ago, at the time of Christ, which is before the Parsis came to India. They have adopted most Hindu customs and their women also wear Saree and speak local language. There are many Jews in Bombay (Mumbai) and Kerala. The temple where Jews pray is called a SYNAGOGUE. There is a red colored building opposite Nehru hall on Synagogue Street in Pune (very near to M.G.Road in camp) which looks like a Church. It is also called “Laal – Deval” (meaning RED Temple). It is Pune’s temple of the Jews.

In modern times, The Jews needed a homeland of their own. When the Allies (US+England+France etc.) won the second world war against Hitler and Japan, the UN=United Nations was created in 1945. At that time, the Jews in the US had a very powerful Lobby, and the UN passed the BALFOUR DECLARATiON, according to which the country of Israel was created (see map in Google Earth), and David Balfour became the first Prime Minister of Israel in 1948.

By Israeli law, any Jew has the automatic right to enter Israel without Visa and settle there permanently. Recently there has been talk about some people of Mizoram (an Indian state) being Jews, and arrangements are being made to help them settle in Israel.

Israel has a policy of DRAFT, under which every young Israeli citizen has to compulsorily serve TWO YEARS full time in the Israeli Army. There is such a law in Singapore also. Also if you go to Ladakh (in J&K state of India), majority of youngsters going to Ladakh on bikes are Israeli.